by Those Dispersed

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released May 24, 2012

Putting in work:

Michael Iampietro - Vocals, Drums, Bass
Erik Lipson - Guitars, Bass, Vocals

Timmy Schwaber - Guest Vocals

Gang Vocals - Mark Flaherty, Timmy Schwaber, Erik Lipson, Michael Iampietro, Mandy Clark, Christine Atturio, Mike Magann, and Ben Sullivan

Recorded by William Deeb Jr. at Sand Hill Studios.

Sorry Silverchair.



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Those Dispersed Boston, Massachusetts

It just keeps on flowing and flowing.

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Track Name: Introspective
I have some trouble, and I have a problem
That anger is what I express
I can't speak of beautiful things
Only hate, fear, and those depressed

It's hard to face the music
This is honesty, I must attest
Mad thoughts are running rampant
Playing the villain is what I do best

It's a slippery slope
That the negative is what inspires me
It's what fuels the passion
It burns a blaze to the fifth degree

On my path to self destruction
I will have but only one hope on my way
Maybe guilt will lead my conscience
To a string of better days
Track Name: Murder In The First
You can find me far far out at sea
Or buried where only the rats and vermin will breed
A distant memory from a broken TV screen
The perfect opportunity for the world to forget me

Is this a life worth living
Battered, broken, and beaten down
With a conscience unforgiving
Struggling to breathe until you drown

You said life would hit me hard in the face
Since then, I've struggled for breathing space
I want to forget it
I want it all to be erased
I want to forget it
I need it removed without a trace

With one last breath
I am the killer
Life and love and left with all the regrets
With one last breath
Track Name: Defame
Through the arrogance they say you can't kill our idea
Those same words were ushered in to keep the workers in fear
Crushed again, and the spirit remains
Any chance of movement is face down in the drain.

Nothing gives, it all stays the same
Power stays with power, the face in the frame
Money stays with money, there's none left to claim

Some beg for revolution, while some pray on their knees
"Bring an end to the disparity, won't you fucking please?!"
Well God's not coming, and neither is change
Just another fucked up life that can't be exchanged

But then death will still remain
Track Name: Guidelines
It will all end.
Track Name: The Last Rain
It's late at night and
now no one is safe

Welcome to the zoo
Impurity is our name
The failed experiments have escaped and broke out from their cage

If mother nature had her way, she'd send the fucking rain
She would kill the source, she'd send death with no remorse

Dear mother nature, I'm here to stay
I'll be the rain to wash it all away
I'll be the reign of terror, so all people will fear the day
When the sky opens up and removes all the fucking filth & decay
Of a world left to rot and rust, in the seas of hopelessness
Pouring down to remove Earth's big mistake
Sincerely, now no one is safe

And now no one is safe
Here comes the rain
And now no one is safe